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The Area & Things To Do Around Silverdale

The Silverdale area provides a wide variety of exciting activities for the whole family! You won’t find a moment of boredom when exploring the ancient ruins or the sandy beaches. 

With Lancaster and Morecambe just a short drive away, you have access to everything from historic sites, to a trip to build a sandcastle. Just a short drive away you can find a multitude of fun right on your doorstep alongside stunning landscapes of mountains, fells and lakes.

We are certainly proud of where our park locations. The surrounding areas play host to some of the most magnificent views, events, activities and much more. Its natural state is one of the worlds wonders - which is part of the reason Holgates won the 2016 Gold award of the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme.

Holgates also won the 2017/2018 David Bellamy award with five bee-friendly parks, helping to protect both the surrounding fauna and flora.


Within a short 20-minute stroll you will have reached Britain’s smallest area of outstanding natural beauty; Silverdale.

When you stumble across the quaint and friendly village, you can experience the unique atmosphere it has to offer, alongside its local shops offering fresh and locally grown produce.

In addition to this, you will find our pub in the village The Royal which provides fresh and locally sourced beers! Come and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere.

The Royal Silverdale has recently been restored and beautifully designed, combining country classic with a twist of pure luxury - making it the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Another short walk to the sea at Jenny Brown’s Point, you will be given the gift of stunning panoramic views across the bay, and being only a stone’s throw away from Leighton Moss you are sure to catch some high-flying birds and captivating creatures.

Keep your eyes out for breeding bitterns, bearded tits as well as deers and butterflies!

If you are a fan of anything crafty and creative, make sure you take the stunning walk through the trees at Woodwell to discover The Wolf House Gallery. Holding everything from traditional arts to crafts and gifts, jewellery, tea rooms and scrumptious cakes, it’s worth a visit.

Surrounding Areas

Not only is Silverdale a wonderful world alone, but the fact that it is so close to many other superb locations makes it even better! Not so far away lives Arnside and Kendal, allowing you to be a part of much more natural beauty.

Arnside is a 30-minute stroll away from Silverdale, playing its part in Britain’s smallest area of outstanding natural beauty. Arnside Knott (522ft) dominates a rocky peninsula where the village of Arnside lives. From its past of small coasters, steamers and yachts calling landing there, today Arnside welcomes many visitors to enjoy its bustling seaside village.

Make sure to catch the tide while its sweeping up on the bay. You could even enjoy a fish and chip supper on the beach while doing so. Everything from cosy tea rooms to vibrant restaurants and pubs - Arnside has something for everyone and will definitely not disappoint.

The Gateway to the Lakes, also known as Kendal, is a mere 15 miles away from Silverdale. Being home to plenty of history as well as the famous Kendal Mint Cake, this stunning market town provides a super day out for shopping and plenty to do for the whole family.

Everything from a theatre to a cinema, traditional market days two days a week, museums, art galleries and a beautiful 12th Century parish church, this glimpse of Lakeland life is a town you must visit.

The Lake District

One of the reasons which makes Silverdale, Kendal, Arnside and all the surrounding areas so special is its belonging to the stunning Lake District.

The landscapes we witness makes the area not just an enduring favourite for walkers, while the forests, fells and waterways provide the setting for sporting enthusiasts, but the historic presence adds extra character.

As the former homes of Beatrix Potter, John Ruskin and the poet Wordsworth, you certainly feel the personality and character come through in the beautiful heritage of the lakes.

Silverdale has it all when it comes to the wonders of wildlife. As you see a varied landscape of low limestone cliffs and salt marshes you may also be witness to Roe Deer or the beautiful brimstone butterfly.

Beauty is in abundance in Silverdale. From natural woodland to limestone grassland and a flora of flowering bulbs including primroses, cowslips and even many rare species in the limestone areas.

Varying from season to season, the floral arrangement will change - from pink buds to yellow displays, although the common rock rose is always abundant, as well as aromatic wild thyme found scattered through the turf. Every season displays a glorious spectacle of beauty, waiting for you to visit.

The History of Middlebarrow

From the late 1700s up until 1950, Middlebarrow Plain was open rough grazing, forming part of Arnside Tower Farm. The Holgate family first rented the land from Dallam Tower Estate in 1956 and eventually bought it. The existing light scrub gradually formed woodland.

After 1980 when sheep grazing was completely excluded from the park, the woodland became thicker. Holgates also have a caravan park at Far Arnside, which is part of Arnside Knott.

The best way to see this wonderful area is to stay at our park and to explore its surroundings. You can get in touch with our friendly team to know more.